Blizzard - GAMESCOM

Blizzard’s exhibition participation with an area of more than 3500 m² at the GAMESCOM is a very demanding project for several reasons: its gaming worlds are intensively interlinked with emotions, setting and storytelling. 

For this reason Blizzard serves a challenging community – worldwide: fans, who invest a lot of time and passion into their favorite games and their characters. They sew the costumes/cosplays, write continuations of the game’s stories or organize guilds. The execution of these game worlds through lighting and media technology as an experience for visitors was our core mission.

On behalf of the Walbert-Schmitz GmbH und Co KG in Aachen, JKR-EVENTS closely supported the exhibitor Blizzard from the conception to the follow-up within all project phases. The coordination of the numerous technical industries formed one of the primary tasks. 

Interface coordination and alignment between the indoor live show  and the implementation of streaming was another one of our tasks.  

One of the central tasks was the live-broadcasting of the show. The  interplay between picture, audio and text for live streaming constituted different conditions from the stage show content. We had to master the event on both channels. 

This requirement of diversity becomes clear onstage: cosplay contest, dance competitions, interviews, show matches, live music of VIDEO GAMES LIVE or presentations of cosplayers are just some of the many items on the agenda, which spreads out over the course of five days.

Furthermore, there is a huge fan base all around the world, who all want to participate through the live  stream.  More than 10 cameras, a camera crane and two further radio cameras are in continuous use at the main stage. The complexity matches the one of a large TV production.

We want to thank our client the Walbert-Schmitz GmbH und Co KG, the different trades and the Blizzard Team for their trusting cooperation.

JKR EVENTS - Jens Krause 2020