Budget compliance determines our work. The anticipatory feasibility of budgets is the foundation for the reliable budget planning of our clients.


Digital media has multiplied the possibilities of event organizers. We choose the right media surfaces and coordinate their utilization.


We combine the physical world with the virtual world. Visitors, fans and interested parties play an active part in the event which they actively help shape.


The importance of international events is constantly growing. In order for our clients to feel at home globally, we implement our usual standards around the globe.

The application of high-quality technologies, the agility in planning and the unclear market situation present complex  challenges to any event and its project management. 

Between stability and flexibility, we establish planning safety.

In addition, there are passive organizational expenses such as for security staff, additional costs or unexpected rental charges. For an event, they mean insecurity in planning and cost management.

For more trust and predictability, risk management is an essential requirement.


• Feasibility analysis / Kick-off workshop
• Lighting / Sound / Media / Set Design
• Design of interactive solutions
• Basis planning of the infrastructure
• Cost planning


• Infrastructure / Technology / Set planning
• Development of CAD plans / Documentation
• Composition of correspondence of tenders
• Evaluation of offers
• Negotiation with suppliers and attribution


• Detail planning of all trades / CAD plans
• Project management / Scheduling / Budgeting
• Support with approval procedures
• Interface management / Communication


• Production management / Procedure management / Show caller
• Trades-coordination / Supervision
• Artist support
• Stage management


• Audit on quality / efficiency / follow up Quality report / final report
• Documentation through photos and videos
• Content postprocessing / time lapse / webcast
• Evaluation / performance measurement

“The development of a team culture and the coordination of team members are two important success factors because it is the people that make projects a success.”

More about our team?

My name is Jens Krause and I have conducted event projects all over the globe for over 25 years.
More about the team

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